Carbon accounting

Quantify the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the organization.

Carbon accounting helps MSF calculate its greenhouse gas emissions. Like financial accounting that tracks the financial impact, carbon accounting quantifies the climate impact of an organization’s business activities using emission categories.

In line with international carbon accounting standards, MSF tracks carbon footprint, adhering to a comprehensive classification of emissions in three scopes:

Scope 1: Direct emissions generated by an organization while performing its business activities (e.g., combustion of fuel and gases).

Scope 2: Indirect emissions from purchased energy (e.g., electricity grid).

Scope 3: Indirect emissions include any other types (e.g., travel to freight, including all the services and goods the organization purchases).

By tracking and accounting for emissions within these scopes, we gain a comprehensive understanding of our climate impact. This enables us to identify areas of focus and implement targeted measures to reduce our overall greenhouse gas emissions.