Increasing awareness and knowledge about the consequences and impacts of the climate crisis and environmental degradation is crucial. It empowers individuals and organizations to effectively recognize, anticipate, prevent and respond to these challenges. It also helps with raising awareness, conducting policy work and advocacy.

It is essential to acknowledge the diverse factors that may affect access to information, including time, language and contexts where information may not be equally available to all. MSF aims to help address these gaps by providing a curated collection of internal and select external resources developed by MSF colleagues, made available in multiple languages where possible, on climate and health topics. These resources aim to facilitate learning, sharing, discussion, debate, planning, innovation, acting and scaling.

Humanitarians interested in the intersection between climate and health can benefit from a range of resources spanning academic, professional and advocacy platforms. Here is a curated list of learning resources for this topic:

Online courses:

Podcasts and webinars:


Web Platforms:

  • ClimaHealth, WHO’s and WMO’s global knowledge platform for climate and public health
  • ClimateWatch, a platform that offers open data, visualizations and analysis on various countries’ climate progress.
  • The Global Climate and Health Alliance website offers resources, news, and advocacy materials related to climate change and health.
  • Health Care Without Harm’s platform supports healthcare systems worldwide to become more sustainable through efforts aimed at reducing their environmental footprint.
  • Planetary Health Alliance offers a wide range of educational resources that aim to integrate planetary health into global health and human development communities. 
  • The Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education (GCCHE) platform offers educational tools for health practitioners around the world to better integrate knowledge of health impacts of climate change into healthcare delivery.

Reports and publications:

The Lancet Countdown on Health & Climate Change is an annually published report that offers an in-depth assessment of global progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. It is unique in that the findings are mutually agreed upon by the consensus of 51 leading academic institutions and UN agencies.